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Our Team has 20+ Years of High-Risk Payment Processing Experience

Our Team has 20+ Years of High-Risk Merchant Account Experience, PayDiverse has thoroughly tested numerous processing banks to understand which are the perfect fit for every high-risk merchant account category. We have a diverse array of solutions per business type unlike anyone else in the industry.

Fast Multi-Bank Processing Approvals

We have partnered with numerous high-risk merchant account banks both in the US and offshore and have integrated them into our innovative online portal, which can quickly match your business with multiple banks that will keep you processing long-term.

We Understand Your Processing Needs

Fast Approvals

Our online application, which is integrated with dozens of banks, assures a quick application and approval process so you can start accepting credit cards right away.

High Approvals

With over 40 different bank solutions that have been tested, we can ensure that your application will only be submitted to banks that work with businesses like yours.

Apply Online

Our online application allows you to apply to multiple high-risk banks in the industry by filling out one application, completing digital signatures and securely uploading supporting documents.

Secure Processing

By setting you up with a minimum of 4 banks and automatically diverting percentages of your processing volume to each bank, we reduce risk the exposure to each high-risk merchant account and decrease the chance of account terminations.

Online Portal

Our online portal delivers daily status updates from our banking partners and reminds you exactly what is missing to get you approved.

Unique Solutions

To help businesses that can’t get a high-risk merchant account approved by US Banks, we have developed a network of Offshore and ACH Bank relationships that provide payment gateways and accept multiple high-risk business types.

Long Term Sustainable Credit Card Processing

Our innovative risk management tools combined with superb customer support from our expert payment processing advisors assures long term payment processing stability for all high risk merchant accounts.

High Risk Merchant Account

Risk Management Tools for High-Risk Merchant Accounts

From preventing chargebacks to transaction allocation and management, our cutting-edge risk prevention tools will help keep your high-risk merchant accounts healthy and processing for the long term.


Automatic multi-bank transaction distribution


ISpyFraud prevention software


Processing strategy customized for your business


Pre-chargeback alerts to prevent chargeback


Reliable and secure payment platform


Chargeback dispute system

High Risk Merchant Accounts

Superb Customer Support

Our expert agents are available to help make your application process as easy as possible. Whether you have general payment processing questions or need help completing the application, our team is available 24/7 for you. Our expert high risk merchant account payment advisors provide:


Daily account monitoring and management


Pre-approved backup banks


Customer Service Testing


Longstanding Bank Relationships


Descriptor Testing


24/7 customer support


Secure Payment Processing In 3 Simple Steps

High risk credit card processing

1. Apply Now

~28 minutes


Complete our quick and easy online application


Digitally sign applications using your mouse


Securely upload supporting documents

Get approved for a high-risk merchant account

2. Get Approved

~24 hours


Applications are sent to all banks that have pre-approved you


Banks will review and determine a processing limit


Daily updates sent with additional documents and final approvals


Multiple high risk merchant accounts are approved

Credit Card Processing for High Risk Merchant Accounts

3. Start Processing

~48 hours


Payment Gateways are activated


Gateway automatically distributes transactions across all merchant accounts


Transaction distribution minimizes risk and ensures processing security


Process securely through multiple banks


Solutions For Every High-Risk Merchant Industry

Our team has spent more than 20 years in the high-risk space formulating and strengthening our network of domestic and international banking partners to be able to provide diversified solutions suitable for nearly every type of high-risk merchant account. Here are some of the top industries we specialize in and the number of banking solutions available per industry type.

Discount Shopping/Coupon Membership Club Bank Solutions

Student Loan Consolidation Document Preparation Bank Solutions

PayDiverse High-Risk Merchant Account Reviews

See testimonials from current high-risk credit card processing clients

PayDiverse’s application process made it super easy to apply for merchant accounts for my business – the whole process took less than 30 minutes and I was approved for 4 merchant accounts within 48 hours. Great experience. Amanda T

Online Dating

Since working with PayDiverse for the last 8 months, I haven’t had any accounts terminated, even when my chargebacks increased. PayDiverse has been able to spread my sales and chargebacks across several merchant accounts. I am very happy with my service at PayDiverse since before I worked with them I had 2 MIDs shut down due to chargebacks after only 2 months of processing. Sergio F

Health & Beauty

The PayDiverse team made the experience of opening a high-risk merchant account very easy. My representative Alex, was available when I had questions and I felt comfortable with his level of knowledge in the industry. I would definitely recommend PayDiverse to a friend. Sandy F

Magazine Subscriptions

Excessive chargebacks were a big problem for my business and I had three different banks terminate my merchant accounts. PayDiverse not only set me up with a bunch of great processing solutions but they also provided great tools for preventing chargebacks and helped my business reduce chargebacks significantly. I’ve been very happy with their service so far. Chris M

Membership Clubs

Diverse Payment Processing is Smart Processing

Fill out our free and quick merchant account application and let us match you with many banks that want your business.