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Solutions for Every High-Risk Merchant Industry

Why Choose Us?

We have the largest network of high risk banks in the industry, and growing! Our team has spent more than 20 years in the high-risk space formulating and strengthening our network of domestic and international banking partners to be able to provide diversified solutions suitable for nearly every type of high-risk merchant account.

Our Payment Solutions

Virtual Terminal

Designed for High-Risk Merchants

Fast Approvals

Our online application, which is integrated with dozens of banks, assures a quick application and approval process so you can start accepting credit cards right away.

High Approvals

With over 40 different bank solutions that have been tested, we can ensure that your application will only be submitted to banks that work with businesses like yours.

Secure Processing

Minimize fraudulent charges by utilizing our fraud-prevention services. 

Online Portal

Our online portal delivers daily status updates from our banking partners and reminds you exactly what is missing to get you approved.

Apply Online

Our online application allows you to apply to a selection of high-risk banks in the industry by filling out one application, completing digital signatures and securely uploading supporting documents.

Unique Solutions

To help businesses that can’t get a high-risk merchant account approved by US Banks, we have developed a network of Offshore and ACH Bank relationships that provide payment gateways and accept multiple high-risk business types.

About PayDiverse

Our Team has 20+ Years of High-Risk Payment Processing Experience

Our Team has 20+ Years of High Risk Merchant Account Experience. Paydiverse has thoroughly tested numerous processing banks to understand which are the perfect fit for every high-risk merchant account category. We have a diverse array of solutions per business type unlike anyone else in the industry.

Secure Payment Processing
In 3 Simple Steps

  • Apply Now

    Complete our quick and easy online application

    Digitally sign applications using your mouse

    Securely upload supporting documents

  • Get Approved

    Applications are sent to all banks that have pre-approved you

    Banks will review and determine a processing limit

    Daily updates sent with additional documents and final approvals

  • Start Processing

    Payment Gateways are activated

    Integrate your Payment Gateway with the backend of your site

    Start accepting payments from your customers immediately

High Risk Management Tools

Risk Management Tools for High-Risk Merchant Account

From preventing chargebacks to transaction allocation and management, our cutting-edge risk prevention tools will help keep your high-risk merchant accounts healthy and processing for the long term.

  • Pre-chargeback alerts to prevent chargeback
  • IspyFraud prevention software
  • Reliable and secure payment platform
  • Processing strategy customized for your business
  • Chargeback dispute system

Superb Customer Support

Our expert agents are available to help make your application process as easy as possible. Whether you have general payment processing questions or need help completing the application, our team is available 24/7 for you. Our expert high risk merchant account payment advisors provide:

  • Daily account monitoring and management
  • Pre-approved backup banks
  • Customer service testing
  • Longstanding bank relationships
  • Descriptor testing
  • 24/7 USA customer support
High risk customer support

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are High Risk Products?

High risk products are products and services that are sold by merchants who operate within high-risk industries. The list of industries considered high risk is long and includes nutraceuticals, magazine subscription services, CBD, debt consolidation, multi-level marketing, travel, and many more.

Other products and services considered high risk include those that are sold at high-dollar amounts and those that are sold on subscriptions or payment plans.

What is a High Risk Merchant Account?

High risk merchant accounts help merchants who are considered high risk to accept credit card and debit card transactions. They’re optimized for merchants who are susceptible to high chargeback ratios or whose practices may result in potential loss for the banks and merchant account providers that grant them account services.

What Makes a Business High Risk?

In most cases, businesses are considered high risk if they operate within an industry that’s deemed high risk; however, some that operate outside of these industries may still be considered high risk if they offer free trials, subscription plans, have an average ticket dollar amount over $50, sell more than $20,000 in products or services each month or have a high chargeback ratio or a poor credit history. Applying for a high risk merchant account is the best option for these businesses.

What are High Risk Businesses?

High risk businesses are those that can’t obtain standard merchant processing accounts from traditional banks and payment processing companies. If they meet conditions such as selling products or services that are part of a high risk industry, taking part in risky business practices such as free trials and subscription services or have excessive chargebacks, they may be considered high risk and run the risk of being denied banking services such as loans, merchant services and insurance.

What is Considered a High Risk Merchant?

High risk merchants are classified as businesses that meet one or more of the following conditions:

  • The business owner or guarantor has a poor personal or business credit history
  • The business has a high chargeback ratio
  • The business has a history of merchant accounts being closed by the account provider
  • The business sells a product or service that’s considered high risk
  • The business uses payment models that create a high risk of loss for the bank or merchant services provider
  • The business processes transactions with high dollar amounts or has a high monthly sales volume
What is Considered a High Risk Merchant?

High risk merchant accounts are merchants who’ve been deemed high risk by traditional banks and payment processors.

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