Pinless Debit for High Risk Merchants

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Pinless Debit Processing Solutions

A Pinless Debit transaction allows merchants to accept debit card payments online or over the phone, without requiring customers to enter their PIN #s. The solution will only allow you to accept debit and check card transactions, so you are not subject to Visa and MC rules and chargeback thresholds. You are able to open multiple merchant accounts under the same corporation for different urls and process up to $200,000 per each merchant account.

Our Pinless Debit solution simplifies e-commerce debit transactions by allowing card holders to access funds on debit cards without physically being present to enter PIN numbers and offers high-risk merchants an alternative method of accepting debit card payments. Additionally, this solution eliminates certain fees lowering the overall processing costs for merchants.

This solution, unlike your other processing solutions is accepting debit card transactions online, without a pin and exclusively on the debit networks. This processor created a special solution that only runs on the debit rails, so Visa and MasterCard have no control over the transactions. This solution was designed for Pay Day Lending and Debt Collection merchants but is available to all high-risk merchant types. It’s extremely risk and chargeback tolerant. They offer extremely high caps on mids and will approve as many urls per corp as you want.


What are the features of Pinless Debit?

Below you will find an overview of the PayDiverse Pinless Debit solution:

  • US based bank and processing solution
  • 48-72 hour approvals from complete application submission
  • Unlimited merchant accounts and processing volume per corporation.
  • Settlement: 3 days in arrears daily payout.


How to Apply for a Pinless Debit Merchant Account

PayDiverse looks forward to providing your high-risk business with industry leading payment processing solutions and award-winning fraud prevention tools. Applying for your high-risk merchant account is a simple online process, and we can have you up and running with our full range of services within 48 hours of your approval. To apply for your Pinless Debit merchant account:

  1. Apply online using our secure form
  2. Digitally sign your application
  3. Submit your supporting documents

Once we’ve received your application and all supporting documents, we will review your information and provide you with an answer within 24 hours.

After you’ve received your approval, we will provide you with everything you need to begin processing debit card payments within 48 hours. You will be set up with fraud prevention that is fully integrated into your payment gateway, as well as access to our online portal where you will be able to fully manage your account and monitor fraud and chargebacks.

To increase the likelihood of approval, be sure to complete all questions on your application form. All answers provided must be truthful to the best of your knowledge. Our underwriters will verify the accuracy of all information provided. Keeping your account balances high will verify your abilities to keep accounts in good standing. Additionally, a well-constructed business plan, competent ownership, and an excellent processing history will increase your chances of opening a Pinless Debit merchant account with PayDiverse.

Diverse Payment Processing is Smart Processing

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