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Secure Payment Gateway

We offer a fully integrated, easy to use online payment gateway for your business to accept credits cards and ACH online and over the phone. Completely secure, our gateway will connect directly to every bank that we secure for you and automatically and strategically distribute transactions across all your accounts to minimize chargebacks and risk exposure to each merchant account we open for you. You will be able to view comprehensive and intuitive reports for all transactions that are completed within our secure software.

Chargeback Alert System

Reduce your chargebacks and card-not-present fraud in real time with our Chargeback Alert System. With unparalleled access to confirmed fraud data, our Chargeback Alert System allows you to stop fraud in its tracks, refund the transaction, and eliminate the chargeback. This will both save you money and help to keep your merchant accounts open and secure.

Chargeback Disputes

Every time you don’t dispute a chargeback, your business is leaving money on the table. A chargeback representment or dispute is the process of presenting evidence to your acquiring bank or the customer’s’ credit card company that shows the purchases were made with the full knowledge of the card-holder. We have all the right tools and reports to identify the problem, and fight your chargebacks to recover the money that is rightfully yours. We have the technology and knowledge to identify root causes and vulnerabilities in your business to help prevent unjustified chargebacks.

Fraud Protection

Avoid credit card fraud with our fraud protection tools. With our protection measures, merchants can rest assured their customer transactions will process safely in our hands. Our award winning fraud protection solutions were designed with high risk merchants in mind. Our System detects fraud in real-time by analyzing hundreds of order data points using behavioral analytics, machine learning models, elastic order linking, and advanced proxy detection methods. These tools are fully integrated into our payment gateway, are very easy to setup and use and will protect our business and merchant account from fraud.

ACH/eCheck and Check 21

ACH and Check 21 payment processing is one of the fastest growing payment methods today due to lower costs, higher account stability and a reduction in transaction disputes. PayDiverse offers the ability for merchants to accept ACH and CHeck21 transactions on your website or over the phone, withdrawing funds directly from your customers bank accounts, with settlements in 24-48 hours.

Offshore Bank Solutions

An offshore merchant account, also known as an international merchant account is a payment processing option available to merchants with bad credit, poor processing history, merchants who generally don’t qualify for traditional processing and merchants living in or selling products and services to other countries. Offshore banks have fewer trading restrictions, typically making it easier for high risk merchants to open accounts and tend not to put volume caps on the accounts. PayDiverse has a tremendous network of high risk banks in Europe, Asia and Latin America that can offer you long term, secure merchant processing.

Diverse Payment Processing is Smart Processing

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