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High Risk Virtual Terminal Payment Processing

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High Risk Virtual Terminal Payment Processing

Merchants who opt to conduct the majority of business online or over the phone may require an online payment virtual terminal to process payments. A virtual terminal is necessary for ecommerce websites to process credit card payments, ACH payments, Check 21 payments or e-checks and most businesses can make use of a virtual terminal when they need to accept payments face to face, over the phone, or by fax.


How a Virtual Terminal Works

An online payment virtual terminal is a secure page on your payment processor’s website that allows you to manually enter payment information to process credit card and e-check payments, including ACH and Check 21. All that’s required to access your virtual terminal is a laptop or desktop computer and an internet connection.

The process is ideal for companies that accept sales over the phone or online, and while a virtual terminal can be used for face to face sales, businesses that conduct sales primarily in person will want to opt for a traditional payment processing terminal.


What Types of Businesses Can Benefit from a Virtual Terminal

Home-based businesses are one of the primary industries that can benefit from using a virtual terminal. Specifically, multi-level marketing companies, which can provide their salespeople with virtual terminal access in order to allow them to accept payments in a number of ways.

Other businesses that can benefit from the use of a virtual terminal are small companies that conduct their sales at events such as farmer’s markets and trade shows, as well as companies that promote their products or services via infomercial or telemarketing.


What To Look for in a Virtual Payment Terminal

If you’re considering a virtual payment terminal for your business, it’s important to make sure that you’ve got additional security in place on your website. The best payment processors can provide you with a high risk virtual terminal payment processing account that comes with a full array of account features including added security and fraud protection, as well as chargeback protection, 24-hour customer support and a network of multiple banks that keep you processing payments even when a supporting bank terminates your account.

In addition to finding a payment processor that can provide you with added security and account benefits, it’s important to make sure that the virtual payment terminal you choose doesn’t experience frequent outages and is easy to use.


Apply for a High Risk Virtual Terminal Payment Processing Account at PayDiverse

If a virtual terminal seems like the right payment solution for your business, PayDiverse would be happy to help you get started. Simply apply online using our secure form and our underwriting team will get to approving your application right away. Upon approval, we’ll have you up and running within a couple of days and you’ll have access to all the benefits a PayDiverse high-risk merchant account has to offer.

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