High Risk Retail Payment Processing

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High Risk Retail Payment Processing

As the retail industry evolves, the way customers shop and pay for goods evolves as well. This means that payment processors must stay one step ahead when it comes to the processing solutions they offer to their retail merchants. At PayDiverse, we work hard to analyze and forecast retail trends in order to provide our clients with retail credit card processing solutions that are not only secure and efficient but also give merchants a competitive edge.


Retail Credit Card Processing Solutions from PayDiverse

If your retail business is in search of modern processing solutions that are designed to protect your bottom line, PayDiverse can help. Our retail credit card processing solutions are designed specifically with high-risk businesses in mind. If your business has been declared high-risk due to the goods you deal in, your transaction volume, or even previously closed accounts, it’s possible that we’ve got a solution that can work for you, regardless of whether you conduct business in a storefront or online.


Credit Card and PIN Debit Card Processing and Pinless Debit

Once you become a PayDiverse client, you’ll be provided with a terminal that processes POS transactions securely and efficiently. Using your terminal, you can accept all major credit cards, PIN debit cards, and pinless debit, which many customers are beginning to choose as their preferred method of payment when making low dollar amount purchases.


Mobile Payment Processing

For many merchants, having the ability to conduct their sales and market business outside of their traditional business place is crucial, and that’s why this convenient processing method is so important. We’re proud to offer a variety of secure mobile payment processing solutions that can accommodate the delicate needs of high-risk businesses. You’ll be able to take your business on the go to conferences, trade shows, farmer’s markets and more with mobile payment processing technologies. Using a mobile credit card swiper or iPhone credit card processor you can easily accept payments from anywhere in the world.


Online Payment Processing

In the ever-changing retail world, we’re continually seeing an increase in customers who prefer to purchase online. It’s rare these days to see a retailer who doesn’t have an online store, and that’s why we’ve put so much effort into developing online payment solutions that include industry-leading fraud prevention tools and top-notch security. Merchants can efficiently and effectively monitor online transactions using PayDiverse’s online merchant portal to instantly detect suspicious transactions and track chargebacks in real time.


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PayDiverse is more than just a payment processor. We offer high-risk retail merchants a range of retail solutions that range from secure credit card processing and POS transactions terminals to fraud prevention and chargeback protection. Apply for your merchant account today and begin taking advantage of everything PayDiverse has to offer.

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