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What is Interchange-Plus Pricing?

What is Interchange-Plus Pricing? Most businesses choose to accept credit cards to provide a convenient payment option to their consumers. Of course, adding this option can help to secure more sales for the business, as well as attract new and returning customers....

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Match List Explained

Match List Explained The Member Alert to Control High-risk Merchants list, known more commonly as the MATCH list, is a database of merchants who've had their payment processing accounts terminated in the past. This list was created by MasterCard to help acquiring...

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Declined Transactions by Issuer

Declined Transactions by Issuer When credit card issuers decline transactions, the loss to merchants is substantial. In most cases, when a transaction is declined by issuer, the customer abandons the transaction. While in many cases, the issuer decline is due to...

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Best High Risk Merchant Account with Instant Approval

High risk merchants are often automatically disqualified for processing accounts for a variety of reasons. Most often though, the goods or services that they're selling are the very reason that the merchant is considered high risk. Those that aren't denied processing...

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Credit Card Processing 101

Credit Card Processing Processing credit and debit card payments is crucial to maintaining adequate sales in any industry. In a world where everything is done electronically, cash is becoming a rarity for many consumers and by providing another option to pay,...

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How to Improve Your Business Credit Score

Improving Your Business Credit Score Maintaining a good credit score is important for any business, but when you're considered high-risk, it's absolutely crucial. Good credit is necessary for any business that wishes to receive a loan, pay fair interest rates, and...

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How to Open a High Risk Merchant Account

For many businesses, opening a payment processing account through traditional means is impossible. This is due to the high-risk designation that's assigned to many industries as a result of the merchandise or services they deal in or the methods by which they conduct...

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