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The High Risk Merchant Dilemma

As an experienced high risk merchant account provider, we’ve identified critical reoccuring payment processing issues for high risk merchants.

  • Banks and merchant processors reject businesses they categorize as high-risk
  • Merchants are accepted but terminated a short time later without access to their money
  • The antiquated application process infuriates merchants, because of the time-consuming paperwork that banks require. Our guess is that you have better things to do than scan or fax a pile of sensitive documents.

PayDiverse: The High-Risk Merchant Solution

We spent the last few years sourcing all high-risk merchant banks to ensure we partner with only the ones that will keep our merchants open long-term. We tested each bank, and identified which banks are the right fit for every high-risk business type. We now have the largest network of high-risk banks in the industry and can offer every high-risk business type at least four different banking solutions. We built a technology platform to simplify the application process for our merchants and provide them access to our robust network of banks.

The PayDiverse Difference

  1. PayDiverse sets you up with four different merchant banks to start processing, to allow you to diversify your sales volume and minimize the chargeback/risk exposure to all your accounts.
  2. We have a large network of pre-approved back up banks for your industry ready to replace any of the original four merchant accounts in the event they are terminated.
  3. All of our banks have been thoroughly tested for every high risk industry type. The banks we set you up with truly understand your business and expected processing performance.

PayDiverse Stands Out From The Crowd

High application acceptance rates

Long-World-class customer service and support

Large network of high-risk banking partners

Fraud prevention tools

Online portal which saves you valuable time

Quick approval process

Mission Statement

We match high-risk merchants with merchant banks who want long term processing relationships. Our self-service merchant portal simplifies the merchant account application process by collecting merchant data digitally, utilizing digital signature and digital document upload capabilities. Our massive network of merchant bank partners ensures we can provide a processing solution for virtually every high-risk industry. We help merchants reduce their chargeback ratio by applying for multiple merchant accounts at once. Our efficient application process saves merchants time and money. Our massive network of banks increases the chance of application approval. 15+ years of experience allows us to give our customers expert service and advice. We specialize in helping high-risk merchants who:

  • have been rejected by other merchant banks
  • have had their merchant accounts terminated
  • struggle with excessive chargebacks
  • don’t know where to find high-risk merchant banks

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PayDiverse vs Most Competition

Secure Merchant Portal
Digital Application
Digital Signatures
Secure Supporting Document Upload
Chargeback Prevention and Alert Systems
High-Risk Acceptance
Free Setup
Multiple Banks Per High-Risk Business Type
98% Approval Rate
24/7 Merchant Support

Diverse Payment Processing is Smart Processing

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