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  • 24-48 Hour Payouts
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  • Fast Approvals
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Kratom Merchant Accounts

While kratom is a substance that’s caused a fair bit of controversy, many people tout the health benefits this natural substance offers. Grown in countries such as Thailand and Malaysia, kratom has been suspected to affect opiate receptors in the brain, offering pain relief, relaxation, and in some cases, promoting euphoria. In spite of some of the positive side effects of using kratom, some doctors and the FDA have shed a negative light on the plant with claims that it may have addictive properties and cause dangerous side effects. Because of this controversy, kratom merchants have been deemed high-risk and for those selling kratom, merchant accounts can be difficult to obtain.

At PayDiverse, we have a proven processing solution for kratom merchants. Our team has extensively studied the needs of kratom retailers and we’re pleased to offer comprehensive kratom credit card processing solutions that are sustainable and safe.

What PayDiverse Does for Kratom Merchants

Upon opening a kratom merchant processing account with PayDiverse, our clients have access to an extensive range of services and account benefits. We ensure that our clients can continue to operate their business without being concerned about processing issues and account closures. Here’s how we do it:

Preventing Fraud with iSpy Fraud Prevention Software

All clients of PayDiverse are provided with fully secure payment gateways which are integrated with iSpy Fraud Prevention Software. This award-winning software can be entirely customized to meet each client’s specific needs, and our PayDiverse support team is happy to guide each client in setting the specific parameters that suit them best. This software also offers real-time fraud alerts and provides kratom merchants to decline any transactions they deem suspicious before they process.

Chargeback Alerts in Real-Time

Chargebacks can be detrimental to any business. They put a black mark on the merchant’s record and if they become too frequent, they can lead to account closures, frozen assets and ultimately, lost business. PayDiverse’s payment portal provides merchants with real-time alerts that come through as soon as any customer requests a chargeback against their kratom merchant processing account. With immediate notice of chargeback requests, merchants have time to provide evidence of the customer’s knowledge of the transaction to their supporting bank or the customer’s credit card issuer. In most cases, this is sufficient to have the chargeback request denied or reversed.

In addition to these account benefits, PayDiverse offers the following:

  • Secure virtual terminal
  • Pinless debit (for brick and mortar
  • Mobile processing solutions
  • ACH/E-check processing
  • Online merchant portal
  • Free setup

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To apply for a kratom credit card processing account and begin taking advantage of all the benefits that PayDiverse has to offer, merchants can complete an application and submit supporting documentation completely online. Our team approves 98% of applications and provides a quick set up process.

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