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With multi-bank solutions that have been tested in your industry, our Business Coaching merchant services can ensure that your application will only be submitted to banks that work with businesses like yours.

Secure Processing

By setting you up with multiple banks and automatically diverting percentages of your processing volume to each bank, we reduce risk the exposure to each account and decrease the chance of account terminations.

Lowest Rates, No Reserves

We will beat or match any credit card processing rate! Talk to us about what volume of processing you anticipate and we’ll give you the best rate available.

Fast Approvals

Our online universal application, which is integrated with numerous banks, assures a quick Business Coaching application and approval process so you can start accepting credit cards right away. Not ready to start? Create your account today and start processing when you are ready!

Bank Redundancy

We have developed a network of Domestic, Offshore and ACH Bank relationships that provide payment gateways and accept Business Coaching businesses. If your account gets flagged, we can move to multiple backup banks with minimal downtime.

48-Hour Payouts

Payments are transfered to your account in just 48 hours. Get paid quickly with automatic transfers.

The risk associated with payment processing for job training/business training programs is high, and there are several reasons for this. Primarily, high ticket coaching seminars and training programs are a major red flag for banks and traditional payment processing companies. Expensive transactions equate to a higher risk for financial loss when chargebacks occur, and unfortunately, larger transactions are more likely to be charged back by customers when they’re dissatisfied or unable to attend job training/business training programs that they’ve paid to attend.

There are other reasons business coaching merchants are considered high-risk businesses, too. One other reason is that they generally conduct sales online or over the phone, which increases the risk for fraud. Business coaching businesses also typically don’t process payments on a daily basis – they usually process a high volume of payments prior to a seminar and may process a low volume or even no payments in between. These processing patterns are seen as irregular and raise red flags for banks and payment processors.

And the final, and one of the more substantial reasons, is that these businesses don’t sell a tangible product and the risk of customers misinterpreting what they’ll learn from a business coach or seminar is high. Typically, customers expect to learn a great deal when they pay a high price for a job training program and when they don’t feel they’ve taken anything away from it, they’re incredibly likely to initiate a chargeback, which can result in a high financial loss for payment processors or banks.

Luckily, there is hope for job training/business training programs that process high ticket coaching transactions. At PayDiverse, we have a thorough understanding of how the business coaching industry operates and have created payment processing solutions that specifically suits the unique needs of merchants within the industry. And the best part is that our coaching and seminars merchant accounts include access to our 24/7 customer support, our secure merchant portal, and a wide range of features that are designed to protect the best interests of every merchant.

Business Coaching and Seminars Merchant Accounts from PayDiverse

As mentioned above, our merchant accounts feature a wide range of services that protect the best interests of our clients. These services include fraud prevention, chargeback protection and multibank payment processing.

Fraud Prevention

Our award-winning fraud prevention software is integrated into all of our payment systems. When merchants process a transaction through our secure payment portal, hundreds of data points are analyzed automatically to detect suspicious activity. Merchants are notified right away when a transaction is flagged and are given the option of either suspending or declining the transaction.

Chargeback Protection and Real-Time Chargeback Alerts

Chargebacks are a serious problem in the business coaching industry, and when a chargeback is initiated on a high-priced transaction, the result can be devastating for the merchant and their supporting bank. At PayDiverse, we monitor chargeback requests and alert merchants the moment they happen. We work with our merchants closely to fight unwarranted chargebacks and reclaim the money that’s rightfully theirs.

Multi-Bank Payment Processing

At PayDiverse, we work with a network of over 40 banks both in the U.S. and internationally. These banks are all willing to work with high-risk merchants and provide a safe payment processing option. Each business coaching merchant we work with will be provided with a minimum of four supporting banks which we alternate payments across. This reduces the risk of exposure and ultimately, it reduces the risk of high chargeback ratios and account closures.

Other Account Features

  • Low interest rates
  • ACH/eCheck and Check 21 processing
  • Pinless debit
  • Offshore bank solutions

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Perfect for straight sale continuity. Historically our chargeback ratio has been very high and finding a payment processor has been difficult. Very pleased with our merchant account so far.

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We set up everything for our account in 1 week. Began processing orders immediately. Great rates + customer service

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We've had our merchant account for 11 months and have never had a problem. Reliable merchant account for all types of skincare businesses!

Mick F.

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